Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crochet Patterns I love Part 1

I love this little tawashi. I've made several but unfortunately I can't sell them on Etsy unless I make my own pattern. Working on that! is the link, and here's a picture I snagged from her website (since I can't find the picture I took of mine at the moment).

Isn't that cute? These are little scrubbies you can use to clean dishes, etc. I want to find some acrylic yarn and make some for bathroom cleaning since I abhore sponges (germs! ick!!). While browsing for more tawashis, I rediscovered this one: I've tried it before but I must have had brain fog, because I can do it now. LOL. Of course this YouTube video did help!

And this website ( has a ton more videos and patterns. Darling!

So that's my current obsession ... er ... hobby. Just sharing!!

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