Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Food Adventures

I tried another new recipe on Monday night. It was not as huge a hit as the Spinach Chicken Penne, but still went over pretty good with at least Alan and Sarah. Spencer only ate plain noodles with butter, after trying and dramatically rejecting the version with sauce. I liked the dish, but apparently any type of tomato sauce is now on my NO WAY list. I've had esophagitis problems ever since, and the only thing I did differently in the whole time was eat this dish. I even made my own fake marinara with tomato sauce and some spices, hoping that it would be less of a problem. Nope. Oh well. 

Here are a couple of pictures of the dish:

I found it here: . I do recommend trying it, especially if you like something similar to a lasagna. It is quite good, just not on my remake list (and I have a pan in the freezer, so that will have to just get eaten by the family). 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Spencer's Broken Toe

Some of you will already know that Spencer broke his right big toe on Tuesday 2/9/10. He tripped on a plastic grocery bag containing the items that needed to go in the freezer. Go figure. Five more minutes and they would have been put away, or if he'd taken it a bit slower bouncing into the house from the garage (he went to get a pop), he might not have tripped on the sack. At first I thought it was a bad toe stubbing, or maybe a sprain, but when he was still in a lot of pain on Wednesday I called the doctor. We went in, the doctor said looks broken, and we got an X-ray and went right back up to the doctor's office. It wasn't pretty ... Spencer has a growth plate fracture and essentially dislocated the toe. Went to the orthopedic specialist on Thursday; they reset the toe and told him to stay off it for a week. He's 12. So far, so good, but I'm not looking forward to school tomorrow!

For the not-faint-of-heart, here are pics of the X-rays. Before ... the big v-shaped gap is where the growth plate broke. Oh, and his toenail was popped out of place also.

And after being set. No more big v-shaped gap, toenail back in place.


Much better, huh?

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Trying New Recipes

Because of these ongoing health issues of mine (3 ulcers and chronic esophagitis), I have been trying some new recipes with no red meat, more chicken, etc. This one is a definite keeper! I love Rachael Ray, and this was featured on the January 25, 2010, episode of her TV show. It actually has artichokes, spinach, and chicken as well as the penne, but I eliminated the artichokes because nobody in the family is much of a fan (well, I like them but I wanted the rest to eat too LOL). The recipe is found here ... not sure about the rules of reposting on my blog, so I'll refrain. The only change I made was eliminating the artichokes, and I did use 2% milk rather than whole milk or cream because I didn't have those.

Here's a picture ... sorry, it's just of leftovers that I rewarmed, but I'm sure you can see the deliciousness!

I give this 4 stars!