Friday, September 11, 2009

Spencer's first Boy Scout awards

Wednesday night was a court of honor at church, and Spencer got his first Boy Scout awards. He earned four merit badges, his Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class patches. We're very proud of our little guy! Plus he looks so darn cute in that scout uniform! Here are some pictures. The first one is Brother Shannon giving Spencer his merit badges. The second one is Brother Shannon, Spencer, me, and DH (who came in from his Webelos group for a few minutes) (pardon DH's filthy jeans. He worked hard and didn't have a clean pair to change into -- bad wife moment LOL.). Of course Spencer didn't want to pin the pins on me, but he did anyway. He also didn't want to kiss me (LOL), but I did snag a hug!

Monday, September 07, 2009

In Honor of 9/11/2001

I changed the blog background. Just for a week or so, so people who might visit won't forget. And so I don't forget, in the hecticness that is my life right now.

I love this country. What's happening to it scares me. A lot. That irritates some people, I know. Sorry. But this is my blog and my feelings and it's important to me to document them. If you're my friend, you'll understand this about me. If you don't understand, then ... the answer is pretty clear to me, anyway.

Always remember how we got complacent and what happened as a result. Always remember that people got complacent again, and we made some choices as a country that are frankly very very scary now. In time we'll be able to fix them. Pray that it's not too late. I do, every day.