Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I rediscovered a great site today. This site tracks the construction of LDS temples worldwide. The big news is that the Vancouver British Columbia temple got its Angel Moroni yesterday. Wonderful! I had forgotten there was a temple being built in B.C. Cool.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sarah and I had fun on the 28th attending "101 Quilts in a Day", the Kennewick East Stake's Enrichment activity. The goal was to put together at least 101 quilts for charity. At last count (that I heard), we had 138 or some astounding number. A local TV station came and shot some footage, and Sarah is on it! I'll put in the link here: . Sarah is shown in the green top and black pants at about 60 seconds into the story. You have to watch a couple of other short reports first, but we're on there. You can't see Sarah's face (darn it), but it's definitely her. Her back is to the camer and she's walking toward the back of the cultural hall. The lady that is shown sitting down and talking is in my ward and is the stake's enrichment counselor. She's a real go-getter and has coordinated our ward's charity quilt making for several years. I'm posting some pics too, just of Sarah because I had the camera (haha) and didn't want MY picture taken.