Sunday, August 17, 2008

This little video was taken at the Benton-Franklin Fair Parade on Saturday. Sarah is the blonde swinging around the flag a little bit (7-8 seconds) into the video. Don't blame me for the wobbliness; DH took this one!

Okay, now Sarah is cranky because I posted the post-Trek picture of her for all to see. Well, at least the all the reads this blog (5?). It's the most horrendous picture of herself that she's ever seen. LOL.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sarah returned from Trek on Friday. She had a wonderful time and learned a lot about herself and what she was capable of doing! She came home very dirty and tired (see picture), but enjoyed herself a lot. I have such an appreciation for this opportunity and what she learned from it! There was a nice article in our local paper, the Tri-City Herald, about the Trek. Some of the comments make it sound like Mormons are too weird for words (LOL), but you really do have to understand the pioneer experience to really "get it." is the link to the article. There is also a gallery, and there's a good picture of Sarah's boots on p. 73 of the photos. Sarah is on several pages since her cart was second in line that day. On p. 37, Sarah is right behind the guy doing the "thumbs up". She's in a plaid dress (blue primarily) with apron and bonnet. The guy doing the "thumbs up" is actually somebody she went to school with the last few years, although he's in another ward.