Saturday, September 11, 2010


Every year at this time I think back to 9/11/2001. My mom called me in the morning (early!) to tell me she'd heard on the news about New York City being attacked. I was so half asleep I don't think it really registered for a few minutes. Then I turned on my television and watched the events of that dreadful day unfolding. Every year at this time I think of the lives lost in the attack, the lives of our military that have been lost, the lives of the rescue workers who have died because of the effects of being at Ground Zero. I think a lot of us have forgotten the way we pulled together on 9/12. I love that Glenn Beck has a 9/12 organization. We were all Americans that day, not Republicans or Democrats or Liberals or Conservatives. Americans! I know that I'm not 100% on this, but it's my hope and prayer that we'll remember our heritage as Americans and let that be our guide.

I really like this video that was put together. It's a bit more partisan than I'd like, but hey, it was there and I liked it!

And I found this the other day. It's our national anthem being sung at St. Paul's Cathedral in London as part of a memorial. You can tell who the Americans in the crowd are, they don't have to look at the words!

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