Saturday, February 25, 2006

This is the year of mysterious illnesses, I guess. I ended up in urgent care last Sunday after two days of itchy scalp, swollen glands, and high fever (up to 104 F at one point). I don't normally even hit 98.6 F for my "normal" temperature. Turned out I had TWO things going on; I had a bad case of seborritic dermatitis on the scalp. Something irritated the scalp and the itching was a result of the irritation. The doctor gave me a prescription strength shampoo (Nizoral) and told me to take two Benadryl every 4-6 hours for the itching. Good news, it's much better. Bad news, Benadryl does *not* help me sleep through the itching. I had several sleepless nights until the irritation went down. The second thing I had was the swollen glands and fever, unrelated to the itching as far as we can tell. I just got really lucky (insert sarcasm here) and got two for the price of one! Anyhow, after nearly a week on antibiotics I am finally feeling better (finally!)

Went to lunch with my sister Diane on Friday. We went to this sandwich place called Brucchi's. Yum-OH, as Rachael Ray would say (my favorite TV chef)! We both had the manager's special which was a marinated chicken caesar sub, with the most delicious fries, and drinks. Really, really good! Diane knows all the good places to eat. Funny that I've lived here for 14+ years (well, really in the area all my life, just in this city 14+ years), and she and Sam have been here since what, October, yet they know all the good places to eat. Tells you what a boring life I am living, LOL.

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