Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I don't think I mentioned it yet, but both my kids are smart little buggers. Sarah is in the 6th grade and is in the enrichment program, which means she's in higher-than-grade-level courses in English, Reading, and Math. She got a 3.90 on her semester report card that came out a week or so ago. Before that, she spent three years in the elementary school gifted program in our school district and did great there as well. Spencer tested for the gifted program last year, and started this year (third grade). His latest progress report says he's doing well both academically and socially. We worried about the social aspect because he went into the program without knowing anybody else there. (Sarah had a good friend from church who was there already so she had somebody to hang out with.) But he's acclimating well, and has been invited to a "boys movie night" this weekend at one of his classmate's house. Should be *very* interesting. LOL. Better her than me, I say! All those BOYS!

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