Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another Favorite Show and Video

Because Alisa has inspired me ... another couple of favorites from So You Think You Can Dance. The first one is probably my all-time favorite, Chelsie Hightower and Mark Kanemura dancing a lyrical hip-hop by Tabitha and Napoleon. This was done week 3 of season 4.

This one is by Katee Shean and Joshua Allen. It's a Bollywood number (the first they had on the show), done in week 5 of season 4. The choreographer was Nakul Dev Mahajan.


Alisa & Jared said...

I love Bollywood dances...and I'm a total Gleek, too! Thanks for sharing!

Polly said...

I haven't posted favorite SYTYCD numbers for a while (like for a few seasons) but I'm going to have to repost. The ones I posted, I still love, but there are some new favorites, too! (I think Chelsea and Mark's was one of the ones I originally posted too!)

Mom2mykids said...

I have so many favorite dances that it would be impossible to post them all. But the Chelsie & Mark number just never gets old for me! Neither does the Bollywood number I posted. Love 'em both!