Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween Past - 1997 to be exact

I have to thank Lisa S. for this one. She posted pics of her girls on Halloween past, and one of the costumes was a pumpkin. So it reminded me of the pumpkin outfit I made for Sarah when she was not quite 4. Spencer was almost 6 months old in this picture, wearing the same baby pumpkin outfit that Sarah wore when she was a baby.

Alan and the kids. Alan has much more and darker hair in this picture than he does now! What 12 years will do to you!! (Including me in that statement!)

This is what Sarah calls her "aren't I so cute?" pose. She did this pose a LOT for several years. Age: 3 years almost 11 months.

And the baby pumpkin, Spencer. Age: 6 months. Cute little turkey ... er pumpkin ... isn't he?!

(If anybody's interested, Lisa's blog is here http://donaldandlisasorensonfamily.blogspot.com/ . Check out her post from November 2 with her darling girls!)

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Lisa said...

Thanks for the shout out :)

Those costumes are adorable! I think that every child needs to be a pumpkin at some time or another.